How much time do we need for a Same Day Edit?

We usually try to have about three hours from the end of your ceremony to when we show the Same Day Edit, however, we have done them faster.  We even do Friday weddings.  If time is running close, we will work with your entertainment to show it at the most appropriate time.


What questions do you ask during the Love Story?

The Cinematic Love Story is one of our favorite products.  It gives us the opportunity to get to know the couple on such an intimate level!  We don’t have scripted questions, we try to tell your story, with your words.  Trust us, it will be painless and fun!  We won’t ask anything too tough. 


How do we book Dundee Digital Wedding Films?

After you decide to use our services, a 500 non-refundable deposit is due upon booking and we will reserve that day just for you!  Feel free to email us about available dates and prices.


Do you guys take still pictures?  Don’t you use the same cameras?

We do use the same cameras, but in a very different way.  We have always done video, it isn’t something we just decided to get into because we already owned the equipment!  We focus 100% on capturing your day and creating a cinematic highlight.  We feel the photographers you hire should do the same.  We have great recommendations for photographers, who are amazing!